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SpinupWP review

I found Spinupwp as one of the best choices when comparing with

If you’ve got a few WordPress blogs, it’s still easy to maintain and manage. Yet, with a dozen more, a simplified solution to do this well is a good, long term strategy. This is ideal for most people and agencies who manage WordPress websites for their clients.

A hosting control panel dedicated to WordPress?

In this post, I’m going to review Spinupwp, one of the best cloud-based server control panels available. I’ve been using this for over a year. Spinupwp is a WordPress site management platform run by Delicious Brains Inc, a small company of expert WordPress developers. Who’s Delicious Brains Inc, you may ask. They have a good reputation of providing popular WP Migrate DB Pro and WP Offload Media plugins, and Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

After some days of research, I found Spinupwp as one of the best choices when comparing with Runcloud, Cloudways, and Gridpane. Actually, there are some more: ServerPilot, Laravel Forge, and EasyEngine to compare side by side.

Previously, I experimented with EasyEngine, which is great enough. If you like using a command line interface, then EasyEngine is a good option.

Although being a smaller, newer in this market (launched out of beta in 2019), I find Spinupwp great for many reasons. I’m going to share the key points here in this review.

Let’s look into the features. First thing first, Spinupwp supports most of the cloud servers or virtual private servers: Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean, AWS (or even Lightsail).

SpinupWP is a cloud-based software application that offers users an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to manage their WordPress websites. It is a modern and reliable hosting solution that provides users with a range of benefits and features that make it easy to create and maintain a high-quality website.

SpinupWP offers a simplified interface that allows users to manage their WordPress websites effectively. It is an excellent solution for those who have limited technical skills, as it offers a straightforward way to manage WordPress sites. It’s especially beneficial for businesses that want to create a professional and effective online presence, as it can help users to get their websites up and running quickly.

One of the significant advantages of SpinupWP is that it is cloud-based, which means users can access the platform from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it an excellent solution for businesses that have multiple locations or remote workers who need to access their website. Additionally, SpinupWP is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is known for its high-quality infrastructure, security, and reliability. AWS is one of the most trusted cloud platforms on the market, and users can be confident that their website is secure and always available.

Another significant benefit of SpinupWP is that it offers a range of optimization features. The platform is designed to optimize the performance of WordPress websites, which can help to increase website speed, reduce load times, and improve the overall user experience. SpinupWP provides users with an array of optimization tools such as caching, SSL, and CDN integration. These features can help to improve website performance and ensure that the site loads quickly, even during periods of high traffic.

One of the most appealing aspects of SpinupWP is that it is very cost-effective. It offers a range of pricing plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. The basic plan starts at just $10 per month, which is an excellent price for the features and benefits that the platform provides. Additionally, there are no hidden costs, and users can easily scale their hosting as their website traffic increases.

One of the most impressive features of SpinupWP is its integration with the WordPress platform. The platform is specifically designed to work with WordPress, which means that users can easily set up their WordPress site with just a few clicks. This feature can save users a significant amount of time and effort, as they don’t need to worry about the technical details of hosting a website. Instead, they can focus on creating high-quality content and building a strong online presence.

SpinupWP is also very easy to use. It provides users with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage their WordPress website. The platform is designed to be intuitive, and even those with limited technical skills can easily navigate the platform. This feature can save users a significant amount of time and effort, as they don’t need to spend hours learning how to use the software.

One of the most significant advantages of SpinupWP is its excellent customer support. The platform offers 24/7 customer support, which means that users can always get the help they need, whenever they need it. The support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to help users resolve any issues that they might encounter. Additionally, the platform has a wealth of online resources, such as tutorials, articles, and video guides, which can help users to get the most out of the platform.

Overall, SpinupWP is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to manage a WordPress website. It offers users a range of benefits, including cloud-based hosting, optimization features, integration with WordPress, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the platform offers excellent customer support, which means that users can always get the help they need, whenever they need it.

Getting the best-optimized configuration for your WordPress site?

Running your WordPress blogs on the latest and best-configured software is essential. With the latest stable versions of Nginx, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and Redis, your WordPress sites are a great advantage in terms of performance and security. Redis object caching is the best to reduce database requests. You can easily enable full-page caching to serve pages ultra-fast without even hitting PHP. In addition to speed, you also need your all of your plenty WordPress sites safe and secure.

Among all of the Spinupwp features I like and use the most is Site Cloning. Moving sites from one VPS to another is easy and time-saving.

Prices You can easily start with its Personal option. You can upgrade to Team at any time.


If time is your asset, having Spinupwp as your cloud control panel for many of your WordPress sites is the way to go. It’s easy to use and manage. The web dashboard gives you full control of your deployed sites.


It’s not cheap (but affordable) It may not provide you all the features you want (despite many important ones are in the pipeline)

How to use Spinupwp?

Spinning up a new WordPress is really quick and easy. After getting a new domain name, you need to add it to your VPS and update the Name Server on your domain name registra. Once propagated, you can start spinning up your new WordPress site.

All in all, Spinupwp allows you to quickly get WordPress websites up and running, while giving your web tech team the freedom to make server-level changes when necessary. I really like the service solution and recommend it to any developer or agency who wants to take their WordPress hosting service to a whole new level.

Good to know:

When you deploy a new VPS, you should opt to have the IP v4 as you’ll need to use it when you spin up a new server on Spinupwp.

To get started with Spinupwp, you can use this referral link to get $50 in credit 30 days after signing up.

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