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Content Marketing and Technology

We believe in the power of content. When doing it right, it yields lasting, great impact. That’s also the reason I try to position KokiTree, my online marketing business, to focus on helping clients through content marketing.

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Web Hosting

  • Siteground (GrowBig) is very ideal for hosting a number of websites. I like how I can choose a location for the web host. Comparing to a few web hosts I’ve used for a number of years, Siteground is one of the best for hosting multiple WordPress websites. The best for a small digital firm that offers web hosting in the package.
  • Vultr
    The smallest plan starts at $2.5 per month, which is probably the cheapest plan for a VPS.
  • A better alternative, easy to manage web server I also use to host a good number of websites is Dreamhost. For most users, it’s not a pain to install Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL/TLS Certificates for https for websites, which is largely loved by Google and other search engines.
  • Other options include: Digital Ocean, Amazon Lightsail

Online Testing Tools