Niche blog content strategy

Having a website is one of the first things. Having a blog is an integral part of online marketing to get visitors to your website. So you want potential customers to your website so that you can:

build brand awareness

You need to define and refine your blog content strategy. With this strategy in place, you’ll have focus and purpose to your work. A long term business investment, time, budget, and people are the key to an effective strategy.

While in the overall content strategy, you’ll have to use audio, visual, and/or written, in this basic guide I’ll only discuss the use of a blog.

What’s a niche blog?
With a specific topic, you write a specialised blog that can target a specific audience. You should spend your time to research and understand either your passion or strenght (your specialization, expertise, authority, or even hobby). It’s great thing to define your niche as it’s part of your long-term strategy to be more authoritative in your niche blogging.

Ways to create successful blog content strategy

Step zero
You shoud have a method to document your blog content strategy. Why? Well, you can always come back and see what may work and not.

Step one
Ask yourself this question: what’s your blog objective?
This first step is essential to define. At the later stage, you want to measure your strategy. So having your blog objective will make it easy to do that.

Step two
What will you blog about?
What topic you are going to cover? Too broad or too narrow? This is a good homework to do as it will affect the rest of the journey.

Step three
Who will read your blog?

Step four
Define your blog audience

Step five
Research keywords before writing your blog posts

Step six
Define your own voice

Step seven
Your blogging calendar

Step eight

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Measuring your blog

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