The best WordPress plugins

WordPress is much more powerful when integrating with the right plugins. At KokiTree, before we decide to use a plugin, we spend some time to understand the functionalities of the plugins and we test them. The best WordPress plugins allow developers and designers to achieve our web design and development objectives. In addition to this, we also want to make sure they’re just simple and good enough for the users.

This is a list of the best WordPress plugins we love using to build websites for our clients.

Linode vs. Vultr vs. Lightsail vs. DigitalOcean

A List of Top Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Affiliate Marketers

Backup Plugins

  • WP-DBManager by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
  • Use Google Libraries: A lightweight plugin to help off-load your web server, this Use Google Libraries plugin makes use of Google’s AJAX Library API instead. Good performance benefits that most people need.
  • Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions: if you’ve got a WordPress website (especially a niche review site like SweetMemoryStudio) that requires continuous updates over time, chance is that each post has many revisions. For example, before optimizing, this website’s database is of 19.079 MB. After running this plugin, the size is just 4.095 MB. You save 14.984 MB. That’s a lot. Like it’s named after, the Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions plugin for WordPress is an easy to use database cleaner and optimizer.
  • WP Clone by WP Academy: What’s the easiest and fastest way to migrate a WordPress website or blog from one host to another? Undoubtedly, the WP Clone plugin is simply the best solution for this. We’ve used this plugin regularly. 99% of the times, it works very well. For huge WordPress site, we don’t recommend you using this WP Clone. Two things you should note is that: the plugin does no support multi-site and site size limit.
  • Backup Buddy: It doesn’t hurt to have a backup copy of your blogs. It hurts when you don’t have a copy of your website backup. Download this Backup Buddy plugin now.
  • All-In-One WP Migration: Moving a WordPress site from one web host to another can be a pain if your host doesn’t have any way for this support. All-In-One WP Migration is another option to the WP Clone by WP Academy plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugins

  • Yoast SEO

A great website without quality content and SEO isn’t a website. Every WordPress website we design, we use this Yoast SEO plugin for one single purpose, to optimize the websites for search engines. This plugin is powerful yet easy to use for most users.

  • Hyper Cache

This is one of a few lightweight caching plugin we love. It’s simple and easy to configure. Presently, we’ve been using the Hyper Cache WordPress plugin on our Vultr VPS.

  • Broken Link Checker

The real beauty of the web is the link. Broken link is the thing to avoid. The Broken Link Checker does one thing well: It scans your WordPress website for any broken links and lets you know that you should fix the issues. Need extra help to boost your SEO rankings? Use this useful plugin.

  • Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Facebook and Messenger load photos fast. There many factors, one of which is highly compressed images. On your WordPress websites, you can also have this little plugin Smush Image Compression and Optimization to help reduce large photo file sizes to optimal without losing much quality.

  • Really Simple SSL

Not all, but some web hosts don’t offer the absolute SSL solution. However, a simple way to make sure that all pages are over https is having this lightweight Really Simple SSL.

  • Cloudflare

Most of WordPress sites we host and manage are on Cloudflare. It offers everything we can dream of having for small and medium business websites and blogs. Speed and performance. Yes. Security Yes.

  • Broken Link Checker

A key factor to improve a better web browsing experience is fixing dead links. The Broken Link Checker will help taking care of that. As a result, you’ll gain a better SEO, too. Overall, all we want to achieve is speed and performance on a low-resource web server.

  • Toolbelt’s Jetpack plugin is very popular. But it must be a joke. It consumes so much of your web server’s resources. Developed by Ben Gillbanks, Toolbelt plugin is a simpler, minimalist version that works to address a number of issues you need.

  • WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache
  • WP-Sweep

Security Plugins

  • Limit Login Attempts

The Limit Login Attempts plugin provides a simple, smart security solution.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

  • HappyForms is the best of all. Minimal and simple. It’s is quite intuitive.
  • Contact Form 7

This plugin was once great. No more. All of the WordPress websites we build, we use this Contact Form 7 plugin for the Contact Page. It’s simple. It works.

  • Easy Footnotes

If you’re looking for an easy to insert footnotes in blog post, you may consider this Easy Footnotes plugin.

  • LessButtons & Social Pug: Social Share Tools

It’s one of the best social share plugins to have on most websites. We use this LessButtons plugin for most, if not all, of our WordPress websites we develop. The simple sharing buttons are very nice.

Another (up to date) plugin for social share we highly recommend is Social Pug. We love it and use it on a number of websites that we manage. Check out Social Sharing Buttons – Social Pug!

  • Table of Contents Plus

This plugin makes it easy to create a list of internal links within a post or page. The Table of Contents Plus plugin by Michael Tran can also produce output a sitemap listing all pages and categories.

  • Post Grid

If you need a last-minute solution to how the latest posts should look better than a list view, the Post Grid plugin does it magically in a few clicks. It solves the problem as it’s named after.

  • Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP)

We spent a lot of time searching and testing the best plugin for Classified Listings and Ads. This AWPCP is currently the one we use. It works well. It fits the basic requirements that allow registered users to add their listings to a WordPress website.

  • Super Progressive Web Apps

Do all WordPress websites and blogs need be mobile apps? Not really. There are many third-party services that offer to convert WordPress websites to smartphone app. But we find this Super Progressive Web Apps the best plugin that combines “the best of mobile web and the best of mobile apps.” We love it. And we use this plugin for some of our web projects.

Good to Know

Use only less plugins that fix the root of the problems.

How did we come up with this list? We reviewed, ranked, and researched this topic in addition to our own tests and implementation.

We try to avoid using plugins whenever possible to save web server resources. Therefore, each plugin we decide to use for the WordPress websites, we have to research and test first. We hope that this list of the best plugins will help you to use the only the best, optimal ones.

We don’t focus on listing the most popular WordPress plugins. We believe in functions.

Note: we will continue to update this review so that you’ll have a comprehensive list of the best plugins for your affiliate marketing blogs.

Some selected WordPress websites we use these plugins:

How to Fix WordPress Malware Infection

WordPress is wonderful. It’s free and open source. However, without proper maintenance and hardened securities on the web server, it’s possible that WordPress websites and blogs get compromised. And this comes with a price.

As you’re reading this post, you may be looking for solutions or plugins to clean and fix WP-VCD malware.

The WP-VCD malware infected sites will look normal. Its injected scripted will add some new content to your site without your knowledge. On the Dashboard, the Administrator will find some limited accesses like adding new plugins or add new posts.

How to fix WP-VCD malware:

  • First thing first, to be able to have a full access to the functionalities on your Dashboard, you should replace a clean ‘Functions.php’ file.
  • Check the Users tab. Who has the Admin access? It’s advisable to lock down existing users for the time being as you’re going through the process of cleaning up the malware.
  • Install security plugins like iThemes Security and Wordfence.
  • Search for files with php extension in your Upload folders.
  • There are some PHP files you have to clean: Functions.php and a weird PHP file (name could be: 123x.php).
  • You should first look at your WordPress database. In this scenario, your WordPress may have been hacked. And as you may be limited to install WordFence, you should check the _Table: wpusermeta. Who’s logged in from which IP? Remove it and block it immediately.

Good to Know

You have to be very pro-active when your site is under attack. As you’re working to clean your WordPress blog from infected malicious codes, you have to make you patch the security holes.

Additional Resources: