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  • Web publishing for modern media: Jamstack

    Are you planning to launch an online news publication? It’s always a great idea to start with the best possible solution, so that you’re steps ahead to serve your online audience. The web architecture continues to evolve. So is our approach to content publishing. There is no better way than to provide the best digital […]

  • Cloud hosting: Linode vs Vultr vs Digital Ocean

    In this VPS review, I compare some of the best virtual private servers. We’ve been using Linode, Vultr, Amazon Lightsail, and DigitalOcean, for a couple of years. We love most of them, if not all. These are high end quality cloud service providers in the market for WordPress web developers. In this review, I will […]

  • How to start a static blog

    Actually, there are many free services you can quickly launch a blog for free. So what’s the point about this post telling you to do it. The difference here is launching a ‘static blog’. You’ll have to enjoy learning new web technologies. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use: Github, Eleventy, and Cloudflare Page. […]

  • Growth hacking

    What’s growth hacking? In short, growth hacking (also called growth marketing) is a data-driven method to test and experiment, based on traditional marketing, for business growth. The principle is being flexible and adaptable. With lean experimentation across a number of marketing channels in a short span of time, growth hacking will try and find the […]

  • Ghost CMS

    Best CMS for blogging: Ghost vs. WordPress There is no doubt that WordPress dominates the blogging and online publishing world for many years. WordPress as a CMS powers nearly half of the Internet’s websites. So what’s the point to compare WordPress against Ghost, a new, free and open source blogging platform. In this review, I’m […]