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  • Social media in Cambodia

    You may ask: How many people in Cambodia use social media? Which social media is popular in Cambodia? How many people use Facebook in Cambodia? What is the most popular messaging app in Cambodia? Instagram users in Cambodia According to, numbers published in Meta’s advertising tools indicate that Instagram had 2.05 million users in […]

  • Blogging for business: a mini guide

    You may keep asking: why should I start blogging? Or if you’re running a business, what are the benefits of having a blog? In this post, I’m going to discuss the advantages of blogging, from personal branding to online visibility for a business. Blogging for small and bold businesses Whether you’re running a small or […]

  • WordPress hosting program for students

    blog kokitree is excited to launch a new free WordPress hosting program aimed at university students, faculty members, and academic organizations. The program has started as an initiative to provide free and budget hosting for Cambodia’s bloggers who have been using our hosting services for their personal projects. The free WordPress hosting program aimed at […]

  • SpinupWP WordPress server panel: a review

    If you’ve got a few WordPress blogs, it’s still easy to maintain and manage. Yet, with a dozen more, a simplified solution to do this well is a good, long term strategy. This is ideal for most people and agencies who manage WordPress websites for their clients. A hosting control panel dedicated to WordPress? In […]