This is a speech we wrote for BookMeBus CEO’s Chea Langda.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this partnership launch event at Phnom Penh Era Hotel. I’m very very excited to have you all here. Welcome!

I’m not going to give a long talk here, although I want to share with you BookMeBus’s long term vision and ambition.

BookMeBus is in the business of helping people to book their bus tickets. All the buses have their bus stops. For BookMeBus, we don’t have a stop. This afternooon, I want to emphasize that everyone at BookMeBus works really hard to continue providing our customers the world-class experience of booking tickets online. We strive. We don’t stop. Or we have no designated place to stop. Why? Since we first launched our online service in 2015, we aspire to live up to our moto (or slogan): where every corner is bookable.

How are we going to achieve this? Of course, by partnering with TrueMoney
At BookMeBus, we truly believe in partnership. That’s why we’re here today with our perfect partner, TrueMoney. The reach and nationwide coverage of TrueMoney, through its fast growing network of agents, is the WIN-WIN strategies for everyone: TrueMoney, BookMeBus, bus passengers (Cambodians and foreign travelers), and our lifetime partners, the bus operators.

The fast pace of how TrueMoney grows its financial payments services in East Asia, and in particular Cambodia, will be more than just a partner for BookMeBus.

With TrueMoney as a strategic partner, starting today, BookMeBus will make it easier than ever for our un-banked customers to book their bus tickets at TrueMoney’s network of agents across the Kingdom of Cambodia. We’ll be able to integrate a robust system of payment services into BookMeBus platform. Our team at BookMeBus, including my co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Channa Ly, are excited about solving this challenging payment method through our work with TrueMoney and their team. And it’s going to be a Cambodia-wide scale. Present and future TrueMoney customers can hop on a bus ride quite easily.

This will prepare us for two importants things. One, we’ll soon be able to allow our customers to book more than just bus tickets. We’re going to cover all transportation means in Cambodia (shared taxi, train, ferry, and air tickets). And we’re going to take on the region.

Together with TrueMoney, we don’t stop, but we keep working hard and smart toward our true vision, “where every corner is bookable”.