How to Fix WordPress Malware Infection

WordPress is wonderful. It’s free and open source. However, without proper maintenance and hardened securities on the web server, it’s possible that WordPress websites and blogs get compromised. And this comes with a price. As you’re reading this post, you may be looking for solutions or plugins to clean and fix WP-VCD malware. The WP-VCD […]

Top Best WordPress Plugins in 2019

WordPress is much more powerful when integrating with the right plugins. At KokiTree, before we decide to use a plugin, we spend some time to understand the functionalities of the plugins and we test them. The best WordPress plugins allow developers and designers to achieve our web design and development objectives. In addition to this, […]

The Best WordPress SEO Blogs

Most content marketers read blogs. We do love reading blogs that focus on WordPress SEO. On web, there are countless number of blogs that well cover this search engine optimization topic. To help you find the best WordPress SEO blogs you should read, we compiled this list for you. This list intends to guide most […]

BookMeBus CEO speech: partnership with TrueMoney

This is a speech we wrote for BookMeBus CEO’s Chea Langda. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this partnership launch event at Phnom Penh Era Hotel. I’m very very excited to have you all here. Welcome! I’m not going to give a long talk here, although I want to share with you BookMeBus’s long […]

BookMeBus and TrueMoney partner to offer nation-wide bus ticketing

BookMeBus and TrueMoney announces their partnership to make it easier to book transportation tickets. The official partnership launch event will be held on September 8, 2017 (2:00-4:00 PM), at Phnom Penh Era Hotel. Mr. Chea Langda, the Chief Executive Officer of BookMeBus, says that “BookMeBus will make it easier than ever for our un-banked customers […]


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